Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers
The Wendy Walk is proud to announce our partnership with Robin Hoods a line of stylish, comfortable head covers developed by Tracey Van Voorhis as a result of her mother’s battle with brain cancer. Robin Hoods are the perfect accessory for all women as they bridge the gap between fashion and function.When you buy The Billie in Amethyst or The Galvin in Blush Robin Hoods will donate $25 of each sale directly to The Wendy Walk. Buy them by visiting http://www.robin-hoods.com/products/the-galvin-in-blush
During the summer of 2006, my brother, Gary, at 46 years old, noticed a painless lump in his right thigh that continued to grow larger. Further testing revealed that this painless lump was “liposarcoma”, a very rare cancer of the soft tissue. Being told you have cancer is heart wrenching and we were in a state of shock! Gary was immediately sent to the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Medical Center to have this ‘mini football sized tumor” removed from his thigh. His tumor was large (9cm), wrapped around his femur bone and was the more aggressive type (myxoid)[...]
Wendy Walk Soul Cycle NYC
Join us for our 3rd Wendy Walk Spin Event in NYC! The ride is Oct 29th at Soul Cycle in the West Village. Check out some pictures below from Wendy Walk Spin NYC from last year ! You can always catch up with the latest Wendy Walk news and events by visiting our Facebook Page.