Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers
University of Miami TV Covers Wendy Walk Spin
Watch the University of Miami TV segment on our amazingly successful spin event at FlyWheel Miami February 1st     
Amanda’s Story of a Caretaker
Amanda Lenvin is not only one of the biggest supporters of the Wendy Walk, she is also one of the strongest people around. Read Amanda's incredible story of strength in caring for her mother and father who have both been impacted by cancer.
In honor of World Cancer Day, we’re taking inspiration from the message of education and awareness by sharing 5 Facts about Liposarcoma from our friends at the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.   What causes liposarcoma? Scientists do not yet know the cause of liposarcoma. Although patients sometimes notice a tumor after they experience an injury, liposarcoma is not known to be caused by trauma. It is also not known to develop from benign lipomas, which are harmless lumps of fat. What are the symptoms of liposarcoma? Most people with liposarcoma do not feel sick. They might notice a lump (which[...]
Wendy Walk 2014
The walks this year in New York, Miami and LA were a huge success! Thank you for everyone that attended!