Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers

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Funding Sarcoma Research

Helping speed promising new drugs through into clinical use.

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The ultimate goal of Wendy Walk funded sarcoma research is to help speed promising new drugs through the clinical trial process into clinical use. Currently, there are few available treatments for sarcoma, and they cannot be totally cured by surgery. Drug development requires basic science research to understand the underlying biology and genetics of the disease, identification of promising therapeutic targets, development of drugs that hit those targets, laboratory research using animals and cells in culture, clinical trials in humans proving benefit, and obtaining regulatory approval to market the drug. Drug development is an extremely expensive undertaking, often costing in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Collaborative research linking the laboratory to the clinic is critical

Bringing skilled physicians and scientists together to focus on translating science into the clinic.

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We cannot emphasize enough the benefit of bringing skilled physicians and scientists together to focus on translating science into the clinic, to help reduce the time required for drug development. Such research is also expensive. Whole-genome (deep) sequencing has radically transformed our ability to decode cancer genomes. Deep sequencing of cancer tissues, which is vital to identifying the weaknesses in any cancer, requires significant investment. It currently costs $25,000 to sequence a single sample, from data generation to detailed bioinformatics analysis. Science requires many samples to reliably and reproducibly identify potential therapeutic targets for drug development. The funds we are requesting will be used to help grow the teams of physicians and scientists already working on Wendy Walk funded research, and to extend the range of basic and translational science issues that they are investigating, including deep sequencing studies and bioinformatics studies. We require $50,000 to support a single researcher undertaking a basic science study for one year and $100,000 for two years. Collaborative research requires funding of at least $250,000 for 2-years.

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Our 8th Annual Wendy Walks are being held this spring and we are aiming to raise $500,000 for Sarcoma research. Help us get there by participating in your local walk, or if you can't attend please donate. Every dollar counts!

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A collaborative study conducted by 6-7 physicians and scientists

A collaborative study conducted by 3-4 physicians and scientists

A single researcher undertaking a 2-year basic science study

A single researcher undertaking a 1-year basic science study

Whole-genome sequencing of N tissue samples

Whole-genome sequencing of a single tissue sample

Part of a study or part of the whole-genome sequencing of a tissue sample

Part of a study and/or help Sarcoma families (e.g. with costs related to second opinions, travel to treatment centers, medication, etc.)

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