Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers

Hopeful Sarcoma Stories

When you hear the words “It’s Sarcoma” so many emotions and thoughts run through your head. I know for my family we did not even understand what that meant. So of course we turned to google, which failed to provide us with any hope. We were desperate for positive stories. We were desperate to know who was living long happy lives with Sarcoma. We needed optimistic stories. In order for our family to grapple with the diagnosis we needed to know that there were people beating this disease and living their lives.

Women like Diane Walter and Teresa Bell were inspirations to my mom. She loved seeing them healthy and successful at the Wendy Walks. She got courage and strength knowing that there were people who were were living their lives with Sarcoma. As a daughter I wanted nothing more than hopeful stories. I clung to hope with every bit of strength that I had. If I heard just one positive story, I knew that my mom had a chance of making it.

We knew about a woman who lived without a recurrence of her Liposarcoma for 20 years. I thought about that woman every day. I thought that could be my mom. Although my mom passed after five years, the glimmer of hope we got from hearing other people were surviving made it possible to believe, and believing allowed us to have a wonderful five years together as a family.

When you get diagnosed with a rare cancer you want to stay positive and you want to stay strong, but with limited information it is hard to do that. We feel that a few hopeful stories can be a game changer in the battle with Sarcoma.

For this reason we are posting hopeful stories from the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative on our site. Always remember, you could be the miracle, you could be part of the group that beats the odds. If you can choose to believe in the worst or in the best, I feel we might as well choose to believe in the best. I hope you get some comfort from these stories, we will continue to add more to our website as they come in.

Please read these hopeful stories here: http://wendywalk.org/sarcoma-stories/


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