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Host a Wendy Walk Event in Your City/Town

wendywalk133The first step is to put together a committee of “doers!” Gather a few friends, family members or colleagues who you know are creative, responsible and will work hard with you to get the job done.

  • Keep your core committee small – no more than maybe 10 people to start. Too many “cooks” is never a good idea. Once you have your idea in place and a list of responsibilities, then you can add others into the mix.
  • Look for people who are organized and perhaps have specific talents or skills you might need – event planning, nonprofit, publicity, administrative, graphic design, etc. This isn’t required but it will help make your event planning and organization process easier.
  • Set up a meeting in a comfortable atmosphere, where you can brainstorm and come up with the perfect event — something that you know you can handle.
  • Don’t shoot too big on the first one — start with something reasonable.

You’ll have plenty of time to build your following if you choose to grow and do subsequent events. Events that might be a good start and with which Wendy Walk has had much success include:

  • Spin Event at a local spin class venue
  • Some kind of simple social event, like a mixer, cocktail party, brunch or picnic
  • A shopping event

Note that while we would love to set up actual Wendy Walks in other cities, that is a much larger undertaking and requires our approval after you done at least one successful event with us. After you have your concept, create a basic written proposal to provide to Wendy Walk management. The proposal just needs to be a simple explanation of the type, scope and purpose of the event, proposed date, time and venue, how many people you think you can get to attend, and a ball park estimate of costs and what you think you might charge for the event and subsequently raise.

You are welcome to contact us and ask questions or get our input into your idea.

We’re happy to help!