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Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers

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I was a very energetic person working as a manager with Southwestern Bell. I began to tire very easily and had feelings of wanting to pass out; my skin became very dry and cracked. CT scans revealed a large mass which was surgically removed, and no further treatment was given. I was followed with CT Scans and had another surgery for recurrence in 1985. The liposarcoma returned in 1989, and I had surgery to remove my left kidney, spleen and tip of the pancreas, followed by 30 radiation treatments. The tumor returned a fourth time in 1990 and surgery was performed. In 2012, I started losing weight, had pain in my left side, and became physically unable to eat enough to sustain my weight.

My recovery from the first four surgeries was speedy and uneventful, but the most recent surgery in July 2012 left me quite weak and mentally scared. I am still dealing with pain and coping with the inability to eat enough to gain weight. It was a battle.

I have learned to appreciate each day. I will deal with liposarcoma all my life, but I will live my life living not dying. I keep busy and am determined that I will not let this sarcoma control my life.

Read more of LaVon’s story here: http://sarcomahelp.org/stories/liposarcoma-lavon.html


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