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Mom and Daughter Duo are All-Star Wendy Walk Volunteers

Mother-Daughter team Carrie and Lauren PollareWendy Walk thrives because of our dedicated volunteers. Many of our volunteers have been connected to the cause since the beginning. We wanted to tell you about Carrie and Lauren Pollare a mother/daughter team from Pacific Palisades who have helped to manage and expand Wendy Walk since it started. When Wendy Landes and her family moved to Pacific Palisades in 1994 Carrie Pollare welcomed Wendy into the community, and Lauren Pollare (Carrie’s 8 year old daughter) became best friends with Wendy’s daughter Ali. Ali and Wendy remained close with Lauren and Carrie throughout elementary school, middle school and college. When Ali, Matt, and Jackie decided to start the Wendy Walk they turned to some of Wendy’s talented friends to help them make their idea a reality. Carrie was one of the first people who really stepped up and took the reigns in order to make Wendy Walk a reality. She organized all of the volunteers, collected the money, kept track of the donors, and created all the signage for the events. Carrie made sure the event in LA ran smoothly.

Across the country in New York City her daughter Lauren would take a leadership role in the Wendy Walk. Lauren organized the raffle and auction, took money at the door, helped design and manage the website and kept the entire NYC committee on track. Most Wendy Walkers would say the walks could not have happened in LA and NYC without Carrie and Lauren. Lauren has recently moved back to Los Angeles and this dynamic duo are leading the charge for Wendy Walk LA 2016. Lauren and Carrie are perfect examples of why one or two people who care can help change the entire world. Because of their skills and dedication to Wendy Walk we have been able to grow and expand tremendously as an organization. We cannot thank them enough. If you and your mom want to get involved contact us.


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