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Women’s Health Magazine featured Wendy’s story highlighting fitness & health while fighting cancer.
“Ali Landes’ mother had one kidney, one lung, no spleen, no diaphragm, and tumors strangling her esophagus. And yet she still fought the odds.” Wendy Walk founder Ali Landes remembers her mothers active lifestyle and incredible strength in this feature article in Women’s Health. Read the full story here    
The Hollywood Reporter Spotlights Rare Illnesses
Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for featuring a story on orphan Cancers and The Wendy Walk. We are so appreciative of United Talent Agency 's unwavering support!
ABC: Park City is Walking for Wendy
Watch ABC Park City’s feature segment on the upcoming walk with Founder Ali Landes.
Fox News: The Wendy Walk: Siblings raise millions to find cure for mom’s cancer
Glamour: In Anticipation of Mother’s Day, A Race Inspired by a Mom’s Battle with Cancer
    Read the amazing Mother’s Day inspired article about the Wendy Walk at Glamour.com  
WSJ: One Family’s Cancer Rallying Effort Becomes a Legacy
Fundraising Walk Created by Landes Family Raises Millions       Read the full story by WSJ’s Melanie Grayce West at Wall Street Journal Online  
University of Miami TV Covers Wendy Walk Spin
Watch the University of Miami TV segment on our amazingly successful spin event at FlyWheel Miami February 1st     
$250K Grant Funds a Global Collaborative Research Study on Myxoid Liposarcoma
The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative has awarded a $250,000 grant to fund a new collaborative research study on myxoid liposarcoma. The grant brings together researchers from Canada, the Netherlands and the United States in a two-year study of this rare cancer. Myxoid liposarcomas account for about 10% of all soft tissue sarcomas, which are rare cancers of the connective tissues. They typically affect adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years old and are prone to metastasize (spread throughout the body). There are currently no effective systemic therapies for the disease, which can be highly lethal. Read the full[...]
As a lawyer, Wendy brought her heart to her profession by dedicating herself to divorce mediation, insistent that just because a couple divorces they don’t need to be enemies and create a hostile environment for themselves and their children. Wendy’s children have followed her example—bringing their hearts and their incredible love for their mom—to focus on the fight to help cure liposarcoma. Like all advocates, they are passionate—and their commitment to this cause continues. Read More at GoodHousekeeping.com
Wendy Landes, the symbol for the annual Wendy Walk that raises funds for liposarcoma, passed away this March. “She was an incredible human being,” said Alex Norton, a member of the Wendy Walk executive board. “She lived life to the fullest and never pitied herself.” Read More