Walking with Strength, Courage and Hope for the Cure to Rare Sarcoma Cancers
Kenji’s Story:  27 and in the best shape, physically & mentally.
I was conducting research in Tanzania and I was trying to reach out to the under-served community as much as I could. My life took a huge turn in 2007. I experienced headaches that lasted for several weeks, and I assumed I had a minor illness like those that are common in developing countries. After my friends’ persistent requests, I hesitantly agreed to seek medical attention. Little did I know that I was going to be scheduled for an MRI within two hours. The images revealed a tumor the size of a golf ball in the right frontal lobe of my brain. A[...]
Cari’s Story: Good things can still happen after osteosarcoma
I actually knew I had a tumor in my leg, because when I was 12, I cracked it while I was running. The specialist at that time said that it was benign and not to worry about it, because something that is benign would not turn malignant. So life went on. In January of 2003, my shin and knee were extremely swollen and I began to have daily pain that would even wake me up at night, but being the stubborn person that I am, I didn’t actually go into the doctor and complain until June 2003.  A week after[...]
Sharon, Thriving 14 years after Leiomyosarcoma
Meet Sharon Anderson, MSW, ULMS, stage IV, 14 year thriver Executive Director, Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation My path changed course in 2002. What was intended to be a surgery to remove a common uterine fibroid became the diagnosis of a rare sarcoma, leiomyosarcoma (LMS.) It’s estimated to occur in six people in a million. The information online was sparse and it was terrifying. When I found an online support group for LMS, I sat at my computer and cried. It was a lifeline of information, support and hope. These people were smart! They shared clinical trial data, referrals to sarcoma experts,[...]
Maureen Cole’s Mother Put Her On A Mission
My mother, Barbara, lost her valiant battle with sarcoma on June 30, 2015. It was short and long all at the same time. My mother was a fighter and did well, for a while but the beast took over.
Cheryl Fox Shares Her Sarcoma Story
Read how Cheryl and her family turn to laughter and an active lifestyle to help manage her disease.
A Tribute to Mickey Stachel
After months of tooth discomfort, Mickey received his devastating diagnosis of a low-grade Myofibroblastic Sarcoma of the maxillary sinus at the age of 26 in September 2010. So he began his courageous battle. Read the full story of his courageous fight.
Mario Lucca’s Story
Read how family and friends helped Mario Lucca through his battle with liposarcoma.
Heather Rogers remembers her mother Iris’ incredible strength and spirt
"My mom, Iris, was a silly, loving, fun, caring, strong woman who lit up any room that she was in. She was diagnosed with Liposarcoma when she was 50 years old, but she never let herself be “sick” or be defined by the disease."
In honor of Amanda Noble’s 29th birthday, here is a brief update on the research being funded in her name
The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation and the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative awarded a $250,000 International Collaborative Grant for synovial sarcoma research funded in part by the Wendy Walk Foundation in memory of Amanda Noble. The research project, which focuses on understanding the development of the disease, is a global effort of five investigators in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States. Synovial sarcomas comprise about 10% of soft tissue sarcomas, and they often affect adolescents and young adults. Conventional chemotherapies are of limited benefit to synovial sarcoma patients, leaving them at risk for recurrence and metastasis. Unlike most cancers, synovial sarcomas[...]
Upcoming FringeNYC Show is Donating a Percentage of Proceeds to Wendy Walk
Max Ritvo, one of the performers in "We're Very Proud and We Love you So Much", is currently battling Ewings Sarcoma. Read his story and get more info on tickets and showtimes in NYC!